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St Andrew's Church, Rochford


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Visit Dates: 28/12/2003 & 03/04/2014

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Build Date: C14 (N aisle); 1515 (tower); C16 (N vestry); rest (late C14 - early C15)

Restoration: 1862-3

Restoration Architect: William Slater

Church Website: http://www.rochford-deanery.org.uk/


One of the most visited churches on this website, Rochford St Andrew stands a short distance from Rochford Hall, which was owned from 1515 by Sir Thomas Boleyn, and is the place where Mary Boleyn lived whilst married to her second husband. There are claims that this house was where King Henry VIII first set eyes upon Anne Boleyn. === The church has a fine tudor tower, and an exquisite C16 north vestry, with its two gabled roofs, sporting more of a domestic than an ecclesiological style. === Internally the church is a rather standard Victorian affair, though well looked after.



St Andrew, Rochford Church - This SE view of the church shows the 'show side'. The stone and flint chequerwork battlements are clearly visible in this picture.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - The chancel chapel is of red brick, with half-timbered gables.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Here you can see the Victorian N aisle, with clerestory windows.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - *** "The pièce de résistance is the big tall W tower of brick, ..."*** The Buildings of England: Essex by Nikolaus Pevsner, 1954 (2nd edition revised Enid Radcliffe, 1965). By permission of Yale University Press.


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church




St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church




St Andrew, Rochford Church - Five lights. 1) St Mary Magdalene - This light is erected in memory of Sarah Meeson who dies 29th July 1864. === 2) Blessed Virgin Mary - Presented by E?? Cotton and parishioners November 1886. === 3) It is Finished - Thanksgiving offering for past and present blessings - Benjamin Cotton - Rector. === 4) St John the Evangelist - This light is erected in memory of William Gregson who died 2nd November 1875. === 5) St Longinus - This light is erected in memory of George Wood who died 15th November 1877.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - In memory of the Revd William Gardiner - rector of this parish. Died Sep 9th 1865. Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory. Resting in Christ and now in peace after 14 years of increasing suffering.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. === If we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him. === In memory of the Rev William Gardiner - rector of this parish who died Sep 9th 1861. After 14 years suffering - in Christ and in Peace.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Arise, shine, for thy light has come. === In memory of Elizabeth Wood who died on 27th ??? 1899.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Ecce agnus dei === The Lamb of God.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Damsel, I say unto thee, Arise! === The blind receive their sight. === To the glory of God and in loving memory of ??? Mary Armitage daughter of the late Revd ????? St Lukes, Gloucester, who died Aug 17th 1891. This ??? is ??? her Brothers and Sisters.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Giving thanks to God for the honoured memory of John and Sarah Grabham, his parents, and Mary Elizabeth, his wife, this window is dedicated by George Wallington Grabham. AD 1894


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Presented by the Children of this Church A.D. 1930




St Andrew, Rochford Church - Under the floor of this Vestry Room lie the Remains of the Revd JOSEPH WISE, Rector of Nevendon and acting Magistrate for the County of Essex. He was Curate of this Parish upwards of 32 years and died on the 12th day of March 1814, Aged 58. === MENS SIBI CONSCIA RECTI  [a mind conscious of its own rectitude].


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Sacred to the memory of the Revd John William Morbeck Sumner - late Rector of Sutton and Curate of this parish for many years; he lived respected and died lamented on the 4th August 1826, aged 53 years. === The simple tribute of a friend.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - In memory of John Lodwick, Esqre - Commander R.N. - eldest son of John Lodwick, Esqre of Rochford Hall, and Ann his wife. === He served his country with distintion, in every quarter of the world, for a period of twenty years, and was promoted for his gallantry in an encounter with a slave ship, on the 12th of January 1845, when he was dangerously wounded. Shortly afterwards he fell a victim to the pestilential fever of the coast of Africa, and died May 13th 1845, aged 35 years. === This tablet was erected by a few of his friends, to mark their admiration and respect for his gallant and truly estimable character.


St Andrew, Rochford Church - Sacred to the memory of Catherine Quarington - second daughter of the Revd Joseph Wise, relict of the Revd J.W.M. Sumner and subsequently of the Revd J. Quarington, vicar of Shopland in this county. She died in London 26th December 1845 aged 58 years.


St Andrew, Rochford Church


St Andrew, Rochford Church - In memory of Lt. John Wilton Sheridan === Cameron Highlanders and Royal Air Force === Aged 29 === Killed 27th Sept 1918


St Andrew, Rochford Church - In memory of James Banyard of Rochford, the founder of the Peculiar People in the County of Essex. Born 31st January 1800. Died 31st October 1863. === Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them. === Also Anna Turner, daughter of James Banyard, founder of the Peculiar People - fell asleep ?? June ???? Aged 53? years.




St Andrew, Rochford Church - Postcard - Summerfield's Series, Prittlewell






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