St Mary's Church, Buttsbury

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Open during daytime hours - this can vary though - so avoid very early or very late attempts to visit.
C14; Metalwork on door C13

External Images

St Mary, Buttsbury Church - St Mary is described by Pevsner as being "Small and alone".

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St Mary, Buttsbury Church - Two original 
traceried windows were discovered during a restoration of 1923. One can be seen 
here. Unfortunately, the glass chosen to populate this window leaves a lot to be desired. 
It can be seen under the Interior tab.

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St Mary, Buttsbury Church - The N door proudly displays some wonderful 
medieval metalwork, with some dating from C13.

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Internal Images

St Mary, Buttsbury Church - This small C14 church consists of a short nave, with two bays. 
It is wider than it is long. 
The chancel itself is 18th Century, whilst the East Window is 
from the 19th Century.

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St Mary, Buttsbury Church - The nave arcades 
(just visible here), are of the late perpendicular style.

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St Mary, Buttsbury Church - One of two original traceried windows discovered during a restoration in 1923.

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Miscellaneous Images

St Mary, Buttsbury Church

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St Mary, Buttsbury Church - From the church's website (see Cover Sheet tab):
"In 1977, when the plaster ceiling in the nave was removed 
and the 15th century roof timbers were exposed, there were found two damaged 
pieces of boarding, on which there was some Mediaeval painting, dated as 
belonging to the first half of the 15th century."

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