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Sacred to the memory of the honourable ROBERT TOWNSEND Esq, son of Robert Townsend in this Town Gentleman. He was an Officer in the Seven ever memorable Campaigns under the late glorious Dukeof MARLBOROUGH, and at the Time of his Death, Colonel in the King's First Regiment of Foot-Guards; in which Posts from faithful and approv'd Services He merited the valuable Character of a brave and experienc'd Soldier. The distinguishing Qualities of a Gentleman he possess'd in so eminent a degree, that the Esteem he justly deserv'd. All who knew him Liberally gave, and if any were wanting in that Esteem to them He was not known. Reader may the Particulars of his good Character, (as he himself wou'd desire) live rather in thy Imitation, than his extraordinary Praises; and be Thou an Instance of his laudable Worth, and Goodness. He died November 26 1728, Aged 46, lamented by many Friends, by none more than his only Surviving Brother Mr WILLIAM TOWNSEND; who erected this monument.

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